The vineyards of the Veglio Angelo Winery are all located in the municipality of La Morra and the methods used in the cultivation of the vine contemplate care and naturalness.

Since year 2000, the love for the territory has convinced us to stop working on the soil in order to avoid the erosion of the soil in our beloved hills during the catastrophic rains.

At the same time, through various agronomic practices we have also begun to encourage the growth of a turf made up of local unseeded herbs.

Legumes and grasses allow us to provide our vines with the right amount of nutrients for the production of our grapes.
The dense vegetal carpet that has thus been created allows the soil to oxygenate and regenerate and at the same time allows the life and development of numerous beneficial animals and insects.

With careful manual work of defoliation, thinning and arrangement of the bunches, we naturally promote the health of the grapes, guaranteeing quality, naturalness and typicality.