This wine is produced from grapes grown in vineyards located in a particular area called Gattera. These vineyards are among the first land plots
owned by the family, which were inherited from grandfather Angelo in 1904 from his father Francesco.

Production area: Municipality of La Morra
Geographical mention: Gattera
Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Soil: clayey, calcareous
Exposure: south, south-east
Vines per hectare: 4,000
Type of farming: guyot
Harvest: October

The grapes that have just been picked and selected in the vineyard are transported to the cellar where they are quickly de-stemmed, softly pressed and sent to temperature-controlled barrels for fermentation. The fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature between 25° – 27° for about 8/12 days during which periodic pumping over is carried out in order to extract the colour and all the trace elements contained in the skins from the skins. When all the sugar has transformed into alcohol, the wine is drawn off and transferred into the same thermo-conditioned barrels at a temperature of about 20 ° thus allowing the spontaneous start of malolactic fermentation.

Aging takes place in wooden barrels of various sizes, from 20 to 60 hl.
Part of it is also aged in small 225L barrels. The Barolo Gattera finds its integrity at the end of the process with the assembly, creating a single wine before bottling.

Tasting Notes:
Ruby red colour with orange reflections. Intense, ethereal and pleasant aroma with floral and fruity notes and hints of spice and toasted wood. Full, elegant and austere flavour with good body and soft and enveloping tannins.

From egg pasta, to classic meat ravioli, to red meat dishes, boiled and braised meat. It is the ideal companion for game and all aged hard cheese.

Serving temperature: Between 18°-20° C, it is advisable to uncork the bottle at least half an hour in advance.

Shelf life of wine: Over 20 years, store in the dark in a cool, dry place.
Storage temperature 5°-15° C avoiding sudden changes in temperature.